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new tribe dress & a cute cap

January 31, 2011

hap hap hap…

i stranded at little garage again.. lol

and found a newest stock from little garage, u know whaaat……. Voila!!! its a tribe dress.. uh gosh.. i adore it.. at last i pick a cap.. the cute one..  wear it and… look!!

~ try & buy it ~


me & polaroid

January 31, 2011

i heart this polaroid..  but it broken… huff

i like the shape of polaroid.. i think it’s an unique camera, but my friend told me that the film is expensive enough.. hmm..

is not about worth or not but how to have an unique camera to be a worth thing must i have 😉

~ soon i must have it ~


#Gambler Version

January 28, 2011

In the middle of the night

we’re meeting

in the dark warehouse..

~ we are ADVICE #Gambler Version ~


to be continued..


Purple Correction Tape

January 28, 2011

Hi Gals..
I had a new correction tape..
It’s so cute and the color is purple, thas’s my fav color..yayyy..

~ i like the color and the cartoon ~

~ it’s only IDR 1.700 (cheap enough :p) ~


friday evening

January 28, 2011

Its friday evening..n’ I’m wearing my ridiculous boots.. :p

~ love to wear it ~


let’s go to bike!!

January 27, 2011

tuesday evening.. cloudy and moody :p

Me: “may i borrow ur bike madam..?”

Mrs.X: “of course dear..”

yayyy… she lent me her bike.. only for around the park.. ahahahhaa..

~ adore the diy bow scarf ~


awesome safari’s volkswagen

January 20, 2011

hey hey hey..

look look look..

awesome safari’s volkswagen..

so orange, taft and hot :p

~ welcome to the jungle.. lol ~