stranded at Zest frozen youghurt

February 16, 2011

i’m so dizzy today.. and messy enough..

yup, i woke up late and i couldn’t meet up with my dentist.. uh ouwkay..
i woke up with many messages in my cellphone and of course bbm too..  uh gosh.. so i must hurry up and do some activities..
i had a bad news too.. i haven’t got a tentor to teach me..  i need somebody to teach me for my thesis, now i’m still doing my undergraduate thesis..
hmm.. my brain full of bla bla bla.. it made me dizzy enough..
on my way to my office, i still remembered about the youghurt.. a frozen youghurt, Zest.
Finally.. i stranded at here.. frozen youghurt.. frozen my brain.. refreshed my mind.. 😉
~ i took some pics w/ my bb ~
~ blueberry frozen youghurt w/ chocoball topping & chocolate sauce ~
~ u must try it ~


  1. kykna barusan lwt, ni dkt samsat y??

  2. yup.. daerah bumijo mas.. tinggal ikuti petunjuk arah nya nyampe kok.. hehe..

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