Partner in Crime

March 5, 2011


i just want to introduce my besties..

my partner in crime

she’s so adorable

she’s so fashionista

and she’s really really like shopping.. lol

~ Her name is Dini, radio announcer, singer, vocalist ~

~ after midnite sale at Ambarukmo Plaza ~


stranded at Zest frozen youghurt

February 16, 2011

i’m so dizzy today.. and messy enough..

yup, i woke up late and i couldn’t meet up with my dentist.. uh ouwkay..
i woke up with many messages in my cellphone and of course bbm too..  uh gosh.. so i must hurry up and do some activities..
i had a bad news too.. i haven’t got a tentor to teach me..  i need somebody to teach me for my thesis, now i’m still doing my undergraduate thesis..
hmm.. my brain full of bla bla bla.. it made me dizzy enough..
on my way to my office, i still remembered about the youghurt.. a frozen youghurt, Zest.
Finally.. i stranded at here.. frozen youghurt.. frozen my brain.. refreshed my mind.. 😉
~ i took some pics w/ my bb ~
~ blueberry frozen youghurt w/ chocoball topping & chocolate sauce ~
~ u must try it ~

val’s day

February 15, 2011

Happy Val’s Day dear..

~ i created it a year ago (2010) ~


sunday morning

February 15, 2011

Sunday morning rain is falling
Steal some covers share some skin..

[Maroon 5]

cloudy skies..
Wore my coat and shawl..
Enjoy the sunday morning

~ love the korean sling wedges ~

~ Gadjah Mada University’s park ~



My Quotes #1

February 1, 2011

dress up, make up, match your fashion.. feel free dear.. and smile..

made your day..


new tribe dress & a cute cap

January 31, 2011

hap hap hap…

i stranded at little garage again.. lol

and found a newest stock from little garage, u know whaaat……. Voila!!! its a tribe dress.. uh gosh.. i adore it.. at last i pick a cap.. the cute one..  wear it and… look!!

~ try & buy it ~


me & polaroid

January 31, 2011

i heart this polaroid..  but it broken… huff

i like the shape of polaroid.. i think it’s an unique camera, but my friend told me that the film is expensive enough.. hmm..

is not about worth or not but how to have an unique camera to be a worth thing must i have 😉

~ soon i must have it ~